Kraut.World Workadventure
What is our goal?

We try to bring initiatives, hackspaces and people from different regions together by visiting one anothers, participating in joint meetings and talks, and making new friendships.

You can walk around and talk to the people you meet, just like in the real world.

What is the World?

The 2D World is a game-like space where you can create a character (displayed as a cool avatar) and use it to interact with other people while walking through the designed locations. The idea for this world originated after the rC3, the remote congress of the Chaos Computer Club in 2020, where a similar 2D world was set up.

We don’t want those lovely made maps to just disappear, so we decided to gather the necessary technical backends to give some hackspaces from Thuringia, Saxony, Brandenburg, Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia a new home.

Where am I and how can I move around?

You can move your character using the arrow keys ← ↑ → ↓ or the letters A W S D on your keyboard. However, there is no on-screen joystick available, at the moment. So, the World can currently be used via PC/laptop only.

Once you're all set, you will automatically be in a 2D Thuringia. There, you find various buildings, trees, mountains and rivers. The buildings are representative for the places where hackspaces or other initiatives are located. For example, you can visit the "Jena Tower" a bit east (right) of the starting point and get to the local hackspace. There are often signposts on the maps to give you a general overview. You can also adjust the layout of your browser by reducing the zoom factor to get a better sight.

Conversation with more than four people

Interacting with other users is pretty easy and totally possible in the World. Once you come across another character, an audio/video popup will appear, and you can select either one.

Up to four people can be in one same conversation. If you want to hold a discussion with more than four participants at the same time, look for a video room. These can be found on many maps: these are integrated Jitsi sessions via KABItalk, where many people can talk or give lectures. The Jitsi rooms can also be accessed from outside, e.g. via app on your smartphone.

The tech behind Kraut.World

Kraut.World is based on Workadventure. Kraut.World and the Jitsi instance KABItalk are hosted by FancyMedia.
The individual maps are completely independent and are integrated from external sources, i.e. the creation of the maps and their hosting is done separately. Every interested person can create his or her own maps and integrate them, retaining all rights to his or her own work.

Creating maps

Please use the editor software that you can download here:

Tiled Mapeditor

Map hosting

Maps can be hosted on GitHub or another repository manager of your choice. It is important that access to raw files is unrestricted.

Integrating of maps

URL composition


You can find the current code on Gitea.



Kraut.World uses the Jitsi instance KABItalk. All video rooms are also accessible externally via{roomname}

Mission control

There is a Matrix room, a Pad, and the possibility of mail contact for people interested in the project.

Matrix | Pad | Mail

Your own event in the Kraut.World

Previous contacting required

You can freely plan your own event on Kraut.World. Yet, you just have to contact us beforehand so we lay the ground for you. Maps may need to be actively approved. The integration of external maps that have not been agreed upon with the Kraut.World team will be unaccessible at any time without a warning!

Your own subdomain

It may be possible to get a separate subdomain for your event, such as, so participants will be redirected to the map in use.